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Our Fifth Firewise Community

Updated: Apr 4

The Konocti Fire Safe Council is proud to welcome the Gaddy Lane Community into it's network of Firewise communities in the KFSC service area. This brings the total number of Firewise Communities in our area to five with a sixth set to come on line in the near future.

KFSC board member John Nowell, who is overseeing the creation of our network of firewise communities, believes that the creation of the Gaddy Lane community is especially important because it brings our influence to the west side of Mount Konocti where embers from a fire on the mountain would threaten homes in the valley. "It would literally be raining embers in our area," said Dr. Gary Maes, who is the Gaddy Lane firewise coordinator, "It would be a bigger threat than an actual fire fall."

Right now, the Gaddy Lane Firewise Community has some 50 members, many of whom are already taking steps to improve fire resilience on their properties. We expect that number to grow as more people learn of the benefits of participating in the "Firewise Community" program.

The Konocti Fire Safe Council is working to establish at least one firewise community in each of the 8 Genesis Protect zones in our area. John Nowell says "these communities form the building blocks in our effort to build a more fire safe community as a whole."


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