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Lean, Clean, Green

Updated: Apr 4

With Spring upon us, it's time to think about firescaping your garden. Let the three words guide the way.

 Lean
 Allow space between individual plants, or plant in small, irregular clusters or islands with non-combustible material pathways.

 Clean
 Remove dried grass, weeds, dead branches, and all other dead vegetation. Check gutters, roof, eaves, vents, chimneys, under decks, or elevated porches for leaf and needle litter. Thin and reduce interior and exterior tree canopies.

 Green
 Properly irrigated plants with healthy soil remain healthy, green, and less prone to fire, summer through fall.  Check your irrigation system regularly for leaks or malfunctions. Applying compost and mulches helps stabilize soil temperature and prevent evaporation. In areas 0-5’ from structures, use non-combustible mulches like rock,
gravel, and stone. At 5-30′ from structures, composted wood chips, or bark nuggets to a depth of two inches is best. Avoid fine, stringy mulches.


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