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First Steps in Removing Hazardous Soda Bay Corridor Trees

Konocti Fire Safe Council Vice President Phil Hartley and his team have identified 179 hazardous trees in the Soda Bay Road corridor and along portions of Point Lakeview Road that are in need of attention to improve safety conditions along these critical evacuation routes.

As we move forward, 100 trees will be forwarded to the county for inclusion in work to be done under a $380,000.00 grant that has been obtained for work along evacuation routes in the KFSC service area.

In the coming weeks, target trees will be tagged for easy identification, and consultations will begin in the hopes that CalFire, BLM and PG &E will be able to assist with the removal of trees not covered by the grant. As Hartley said, "2023 is going to be a busy year."


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