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Outreach to Every Community

Over the past month, members of the Konocti Fire Safe Council (KFSC) have launched community outreach efforts by going door to door to educate residents along Soda Bay Road and Point Lakeview Road on evacuation preparedness in the event of wildfire. According to Cathy Sylar, Chairman of the KFSC Community Education and Outreach Committee, “residents have been very receptive to learn more on how to be ready in the event of wildfire.” KFSC volunteers have visited an estimated 150 residents in the Westwind Mobile Home Park, Walnut Cove Mobile Home Park, and surrounding neighborhoods. Additionally, KFSC board members were present at the Ely Stage Stop’s Fiddler Jam on November 6th to engage community members and distribute educational materials.

Educational materials handed out to Konocti area residents included Zonehaven magnets, sign up information for wildfire notifications from both Lake County Alerts and Watch Duty, and how to prepare emergency go bags. Konocti Fire Safe Council considers getting this information out especially critical to residents along the Soda Bay corridor, as they share a single road in and out should an evacuation occur.

The Konocti Fire Safe Council was recently formed to unite residents in the Konocti area and address the challenges of living in a location that is highly vulnerable to wildfire. This includes fire risk reduction and hazardous vegetation mitigation, defensible space, home hardening and evacuation preparedness.

The geographic coverage of the Konocti Fire Safe Council encompasses seven designated Zonehaven evacuation zones (KEL-E103, KEL-E109, KEL-E117, KEL-E120, KEL-E122, KEL-E146 and KEL-E152) that include Gaddy Lane, along Soda Road to the intersection of Kit’s Corner & Hwy 29, Point Lakeview Road, and State Highway 281. The KFSC represents such communities as Soda Bay, Kelseyville Riviera, Riviera Estates, Lakeview Estates, Konocti Shores, Riviera West, Buckingham, Riviera Heights, and numerous mobile home parks, private homes, and businesses along the Soda Bay Road corridor.

If you would like our outreach committee to visit your neighborhood or would like to request additional information about the Konocti Fire Safe Council, please contact Cindy Jassar at (707) 279-2245 or email us at


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